Bushee Family Maple Farm

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The Bushee Family
Maple Farm History


Getting Sap from a Maple Tree

Great Uncle Alfred bought this farm in 1911. Ever since he boiled down sap in his frist spring here, sugaring has been the springtime ritual on what is now known as the Bushee Family Maple Farm, located in Danby Vermont. The heritage and experience of more than 100 years - combined with current knowledge, modern technology, and Yankee ingenuity - is reflected and respected in all of our award-winning pure Vermont Maple Syrup and other maple products.

There have been many changes: The sugarhouse has grown, sap collection has evolved, equipment for boiling and finishing has improved. But, here in the beautiful Green Mountains of Southern Vermont, the production of Bushee Family Pure Maple Syrup and Vermont Maple Sweets is still a labor of love for the Bushee family and friends. That will never change.