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Grading Vermont Maple Syrup

Taste the flavor of Vermont – pure Vermont maple syrup is 100% natural and is the official "flavor of Vermont". It is a delicious pure food product to use as a cooking ingredient and to enjoy as a topping. The Vermont sugarmakers have been refining the maple sugaring craft for centuries. The Bushee family has been producing Vermont maple sweets from its maple farm for nearly 100 years, and continues to make the grade.                                           

Making the Grade

Vermont has a strictly enforced maple grading law controlling standards of density, flavor and color. The grade of maple syrup must be plainly and correctly marked on each container including the name and address of the producer. Vermont's maple law requires syrup to be free from any preservatives or other additives and this law is enforced by the Vermont Agency of Agriculture.

At the Bushee Family Maple Farm, we gather the sap, take it to the sugarhouse where it is quickly boiled down in our large evaporator. The fresh syrup is then checked for density, flavor and color in compliance with Vermont's grading law.

syrup grades

1. Vermont Fancy...
has a light amber color and a delicate maple bouquet. Its mild maple flavor is excellent when used as a topping on foods such as ice cream permitting its subtle flavor to be appreciated.

2. Grade A Medium Amber...
has a medium amber color and a pronounced maple bouquet and characteristic maple flavor which is popular for table and all around use. It's great on pancakes and french toast.

3. Grade A Dark Amber...
has a dark amber color and a robust maple bouquet. This hearty maple flavor is very popular for table and all around use. It's often used as a cooking ingredient for adding flavor.

4. Vermont Grade B...
is the strongest and darkest grade of maple syrup and primarily used for cooking. It's also popular for table use and makes a great substitute for other sugars in baked goods.

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