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Vermont Continues to Be the #1 U.S. Maple Producer in 2015


The USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service released their 2015 Maple Syrup Crop Production report showing that Vermont continues to be the number one producer of maple syrup in the United States. Vermont produces more than the next two largest producing states (New York and Maine) combined. Despite the cold and snowy winter we experienced in New England, the season was still very productive, yielding 1,390,000 gallons of delicious Vermont Maple Syrup.  Over the past five years, Vermont has averaged 1.2 million gallons of syrup each year.

(Source: VermontMaple.org)

You want sweet?

Well, Maple Sweet is about as good as it gets ... and Vermont produces a lot of the best: an average of 1.2 million gallons for each of the last 5 years.

Pancake Stack Maple SyrupHo-hum ... so ... what does that mean in pancakes?

It means enough for a "stack" about 1,212 miles high.

It means – placed side-to-side – Vermont's Maple Syrup could flavor a "belt" long enough to circle the world 2 1/2 times!

Vermont Maple Syrup is the BEST – and the Bushee Family Maple Farm is producing the best among the best.


Bushee Family Maple Farm Attends
Autumn Moon Festival in Windsor, Vermont


Bushee Family Maple Farm-Pure Vermont Maple Syrup at Windsor VT Windsor, VT held its annual Autumn Moon Festival on October 9th... and the Bushee family was well represented by Chris and Esther Bushee, their daughter, Callie,  her friend, Tierra Nichols, and our daughter, Wendy.

Through some clouds and rain, the crowd enjoyed musicians and dancers, acrobats and crafts, rides for the kids - and educational activities for all. Main St. was lined with crafts and food to delight both eyes and tastebuds.

As you can see from the picture, our team showed off our syrup and products with an attractive (and tasty!) display. Samples of Maple Cream and Candy - and servings of Sugar-on-Snow - are guaranteed crowd pleasers!

A great event... and we were proud to participate with our great products. Think "sweet"... think of Vermont Maple Sweets.


Bushee Family Maple Farm Receives Awards
at the 2014 Vermont State Fair

We continue to be proud of our family, for many reasons, but in this case for rising to the occasion to produce some of the winningest Maple Syrup and Maple products in the state of Vermont!

Vermont State Fair Maple AwardsEach year, our syrup and products receive awards. Whether one grade beats last year's, or this year's Candy is better than last .... or Sugar is tops .... we don't mean to brag, but the Bushee Family Maple Farm is consistently in the ribbons!

At the 2014 Vermont State Fair, held annually in Rutland, we received 3 First Place ribbons: our Fancy grade and Dark Amber grade syrups and our Indian Sugar. Our Medium Amber grade syrup and Maple Cream, each received Third Place ribbons while Honorable Mention ribbons went to our Grade B syrup and Maple Candy.

You can see why we are so proud and are so confident you will be well satisfied with whatever you order from us.


Bushee Family Maple Farm Maple Syrup
Wins Awards at International Contest

Maplerama Blue RibbonsWe were delighted when both our Grade A Medium Amber and Grade A Dark Amber Maple Syrups took Best of Show in the International Contest at the 2011 Vermont Maplerama. What makes it all the more special is that the "leaders" of the gang making up the Bushee Family (Ken an Francie) were out of the country for Sugaring in 2011. The credit goes to our sons and their families at home who produced that prize-winning syrup.

And the awards kept coming: At the Vermont State Fair in Rutland our Medium Amber Syrup received a Third Place ribbon, as well as our Indian (Maple) Sugar winning First Place and Maple Cream an "Excellent" in their classes.

State Fair Ribbons

As this circle of ribbons shows, our syrup and other maple products continue to win awards.

The years march on and Bushee Family Maple is evolving with them. Our three sons and their families are each discovering their strengths needed for the many aspects of sugaring; our daughter works with a friend making delicious wine from our syrup. So many aspects; so much imagination!

The love of Nature and the passion for perfection are in each of our family members. The end result is the total of quality sugar woods care, quality production, quality packaging and marketing ... all needed for your enjoyment of our maple products and our enjoyment of making them.

The ribbons are very special, as an indicator. Our many satisfied customers are the most special and personal indicators anyone can have. We thank you all for your confidence in us.