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Frequently Asked Questions

How does pure Vermont Maple Syrup compare to store-bought brands like Aunt Jamima?

There's really no comparison. Our pure Vermont Maple Syrup, is 100% pure – we collect sap from our maple trees which is quickly boiled down in our large evaporated pan. Store-bought syrups are processed differently and often contain other ingredients and preservatives.

What is the shelf-life of your Maple Syrup?

Unopened Maple Syrup should be stored in a cool place such as your pantry or cabinet. After opening, it should be refrigerated. The life span of Maple Syrup after opening,if kept refrigerated, is about 2 years.

Can Maple Syrup be frozen?

Maple Syrup can be frozen and thawed several times. After thawing, if there is condensation on top, stir it into  the syrup. Depending on the volume of syrup in the container, it may take up to 2 hours to thaw. Be sure to allow for expansion in the container when freezing.

Oops!! I forgot to refrigerate my Maple Syrup after opening. What should I do?

You may find some mold on the surface, it should not affect the flavor of the syrup. Skim off what you can, reheat just to boiling, and skim off any further residue. Cool and enjoy.

Is it OK to warm-up the syrup?

Yes, warming-up the syrup improves its flavor. We suggest pouring the amount you wish to serve into a container an then microwave it for 30 seconds. If you have leftover syrup, it's fine to pour it back into the container for storage.

Do you sell Maple Syrup in bulk or wholesale?

Yes. Visit this page for more information.

Do you sell gift baskets?

We can make gift baskets from products found on our website. <a href="/contact-us.html">Contact us</a> with with your gift basket needs.